The mission of South Tampa Sticks Youth Lacrosse is to promote and honor the amateur sport of lacrosse among the youth of Tampa Bay for the purpose of developing a love of the game through positive coaching, community among players, parents, coaches and o

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STS Tampa Tarpons
2020 Summer Travel Season 

As a result of tireless work by people across the state and the STS Board of Directors, we have put together a program that will work within all current state and federal guidelines required by the Covid19 pandemic.  Guidance indicates we will be allowed to gather at the field by 6/1/20 giving us more time than our original plan.  We will begin with 2 weeks of ramp up skill and conditioning work so that by 6/15/20 we will be physically and mentally prepared to give our best during the summer heat.

We have included a 2-installment payment plan for you.  Most important is getting the registration completed so  we can manage the rosters, uniform orders and tournament registrations.

We will be using the same Tarpons Sublimated Reversible that we used last summer and this past fall.  If you do not have one, we will provide one for you.  The cost of the reversible is $50.  We need to put that order in by 5/15/20.  EVERY player will receive a new pair of Tarpons shorts and a shooter shirt.




Location:     Anderson Elementary School, 3910 W Fair Oaks Ave, Tampa, FL 33611.

Dates:          6/8/20 through 8/1/20

Times:         10U and 12U:    6:00 - 7:30 pm (Tuesday and Thursday)

                    14U and  HS:     7:30 - 9:00 pm (14U Mon-Thur    HS Tues-Thurs)




7/18-19/20 :      Tampa Jam - Tampa, FL 

7/25-26/20 :      Orlando Summer Face Off - Championsgate, FL

8/1-2/20 :           Fathers Day Invitational - Palm Coast, FL


If you have already been offered a spot in our program for this summer, please register using the appropriate link below:


10U –

12U –

14U –

HS  -


If you have not been offered a spot in our program, but are interested in joining us, we may have a few spots due to cancellations.  Please send and email to Coach Francis (email below) with the following information:


  • Subject: Tarpons Summer 2020 Free Agent
  • Athletes Name
  • Athletes Date of Birth
  • Athletes Position
  • Athletes typical spring program


Safety Procedures at Training

To help maintain hygiene, we will be implementing the following procedures at the fields. 

  • Players are to arrive at practice with only their gear and a water bottle.  No bags or other gear.
  • It is recommended that players get a form fitted mouthpiece.  One that can be put in and left in for the duration of practice.
  • Teams will be assigned a field and players should proceed directly to their assigned field and not gather at the entrance area.


Any questions or concerns, please contact Todd Francis at



Tampa Tarpons Summer 2020 Travel program is directed by The Lacrosse Institute in partnership with South Tampa Sticks. 


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